Minaco (Pty) Ltd is the leading resource company for the processing and supply of natural stone materials to the building, construction and monumental industries. As part of the Finstone Group’s worldwide operations, Minaco has the added advantage of direct global access to Finstone’s extensive worldwide resources of natural stone.

Minaco’s three division’s depth of experience, specialised skills and ongoing technological advancement initiatives have placed it well to the fore of the industry, covering all aspects from the sawing of rough blocks and the wholesale and retail distribution of granite, marble, sandstone and quartz slabs to various surface finishes, cut-to-size, installation and the production of finished elements.

With a wealth of experience and knowledge, professional skilled staff and a high standard of workmanship, Minaco ensures all your natural stone product and service requirements are fulfilled to perfection.

Minaco Divisione Spessori

Minaco Divisione Spessori has entrenched its position as the largest manufacturer of thick granite slabs in Southern Africa providing both the local and export markets with 50mm to 500mm slabs from its factory in Marikana, which boasts a ten disc and wire saw facility capable of producing more than 145 000m² per year.

Minaco Divisione Spessori is renowned for its cut-to-size monument components, which are produced according to required specifications, shapes and sizes. In addition to monument components, Minaco Divisione Spessori also supplies sawn slabs, polished slabs, large paving slabs, strips and cobbles for both domestic and commercial use.

Minaco Divisione Contratti

Minaco Divisione Contratti was formed in 1996 with the consolidation of two of South Africa’s leading natural stone contracting companies, namely Marble Lime and Marble Pentelic. Minaco Divisione Contratti brings together a professional team of craftsmen with a wealth of knowledge in the design and application of natural stone products and exceptional contracting skills to complete the stonework on any given project.
Minaco Divisione Contratti provides a service which is ideally suited to turnkey operations and offers cost-saving design input from concept to completion, advice on the suitability and availability of local and imported natural stone materials and guidance on installation, detailing and surface finishes to suit project requirements.

Minaco Divisione Lastre

Minaco Divisione Lastre is the leading producer of high quality natural stone slabs in a variety of colours, drawing mainly on the rich resources of natural stone available in Southern Africa. Since its establishment in 1994, Minaco Divisione Lastre has been applying the latest technology to achieve top international quality standards. 

Minaco Divisione Lastre has twelve gang-saws, one forty-two wire multi-saw, one single diamond wire saw and one double diamond wire saw in operation, yielding a production capacity of 180 000m² per year. Slabs are cut in 20mm, 25mm or 30mm thickness and with a polishing and flaming line and a waterjet and resin machine, further processed in polished, honed, flamed, brushed or water-jet surface finishes.